Who Are These Two Kids?

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I’m sure you’re thinking  “Just Two Kids? What’s that all about?” Well…

We’re Josh and Bobbie Husted and we were just two kids when we found each other in 1995.  A whirlwind romance (read teenage lust) found us becoming teenage parents in 1997 before MTV made it “cool”.

About us, Wedding picture

Fast forward 4 years from when we met and you find us standing at the alter of a country road church. We’re committing ourselves to each other at the youthful ages of 20 & 21 with our 2 year old as the flower girl.

The next month we rode the roller coaster of emotion to it’s depths as we experienced a miscarriage.  As painful as that was, the following year we welcomed our second daughter to the world. And with her birth we were just two kids with two kids.

But this adventure is just beginning…

Being two kids with two kids we didn’t have anything but the love and support of our family. We went from living in Josh’s parents’ apartment above their garage to a trailer in the field of Bobbie’s parents’ property. From there we moved to a rental property in Canton, OH. In 2008, we put down roots in North Canton, OH and bought our first home.

Through our  journey of 20+ years together, we’ve had many experiences and learned a lot. Some of those lesson were learned the hard way and sometimes we had to revisit them several times ( can I get an AMEN?). But in the end, those experiences have shaped us into the people we are today.

Everyone’s got a story. Since we never found that darn manual for marriage or parenting, we offer you our experiences thus far.  The good, the bad, and even…the ugly. So click around and discover our story.


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